The Visionary

Sabriena M. Ford-Williams

Sabriena Ford- Williams is a native of Gainesville, Fl. She is a member of Springhill M.B. Church where the Rev. Adrian S. Taylor is Pastor. Sabriena is the founder and owner of Total Vision Motivational Ministries. -On the battle field for the Lord, She is a passionate gospel poet (2008) She wrote and read the Cancer survivor poem for Relay for Life Campaign, An awesome gospel author of three published book’s titled: An Inspirational Touch: Embracing the Touch from God (2006) "Wait on the Lord, I say Wait" soon to be released in Fall (2008) and Poetic Praises to be released in early winter (2009) aspiring actress – playing the part of Dr. Mills in the hit gospel play Step-Daddy with The Write side of Me Productions June (2008), poised gospel play writer, soon to be copyrighted and released: The Prodigal Prophetess, soul saving gospel song writer--first song written and published for Gospel Singer Dee Dee Wells of Sharp Records,– song

“Pause to Praise” release July (2008), electrifying educator, mesmerizing and thought provoking Christian Motivational / Inspirational speaker. Sabriena currently works as a Residential Counselor where she minister to youth ages 10-1 7
. Sabriena has spoken in various Capacities in the North Central Florida area.

Total Vision Motivational Ministries is a ministry that reaches out to women and youth of all ages, race, and church denominations. Total Visions motto is: “Where there is NO Vision the People will perish “ Let her help you see your vision today. To purchase her book titled “ An Inspirational Touch: Embracing the Love of God" or to book her for any speaking engagements please contact her @ 352-682-078 or at Sabriena _Williams

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